The new B2.Five Acid Rain line from our friends at Skronex and Beaver is set to launch this coming Wednesday, September 27, 2017. In anticipation of the launch, we're pleased to bring you reviews all weekend long of the first wave of figures from this fantastic new line!*

We've just begun to examine the first wave of offerings, so make sure to keep it locked all weekend long for more B2.Five Acid Rain reviews!*Don't forget to visit the official B2.Five shop this week to pick up your own set!

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First up, we take a look at the Agurts Military K6 Jungle Soldier Set. The set includes 3 figures - 2 Agurts Military Jungle Soldiers and Steel from the Bucks Team! They're loaded to the gills with gear to complete any mission objective. You can check out our full gallery here - B2.Give Acid Rain Agurts Military K6 Jungle Soldier Gallery

As with most Acid Rain offerings, the packaging is fantastic. Here, the colors for the K6 set are vibrant, highlighting the 3 included figures.

The figures and accessories are safely housed in a plastic clam shell that allows you to see all the awesomeness contained inside. Upon removing them from their encasing, it was easy to see that I'll be picking up a few more of these sets. The Jungle Augurts figures are amazing and hopefully this leads to more Bucks team members in this scale!

As noted in our previous B2.Five reviews, these figures are hyper articulated, boasting 21 points of articulation. Due to their small size, limbs can and will come off, but it's to be expected, all things considered.

We look forward to bringing you more reviews of Wave 1 this weekend, so stay tuned!