Hey everyone, long time! I wanted to swing by and share a pictorial review of the amazing new B2.Five Acid Rain World Wave 3A K6 Jungle Chapel HETT600k! Thereís a gallery of nearly 90 images on the Surveillance Port, with a few key shots and breakdown below. Check it out -

Since the Acid Rain Line first hit the scene, the Chapel is one vehicle that most, if not all fans wanted to add to their collection. Granted, many wanted the Chapel in 1:18th scale, but Iím beyond happy with it in 1:28 scale, as Beaver Ltd. has done an outstanding job of capturing Kit Lauís vision in this smaller scale.

The K6 Jungle Chapel is amazing in hand and beyond any expectations I had for the vehicle. Itís shades of Green match up with itís Grays and gold/mustard tones perfectly, making the logos just pop off the surface. The Chapel comes with a ton of gear, including a Pistol and knife that are perfect for your Jungle Stronghold. The included K6 Jungle Sol Commander continues the practice of painting unique emblems on the Soldierís helmet, which of course looks stellar.

What's really neat is the Communications Backpack included in the Sol Commander's gear. This is the first time we're seeing a phone in the series, so you can bet that I had all sorts of fun posing figures with this new gear. He also includes a Machine Gun, Rifle and RPG Launcher!

There's so much detail to the Chapel, you're sure to miss something the first time around like I did. From the piston legs that hold up the side panels, to the grated walkway on the rear...then, of course, there's the fold out panels that provide instant security to your Jungle Team. What I love about the fold out panels is that they come on a tree, so it's like building a model, or an old G.I.Joe vehicle, which really brought out the kid in me.

Having the Chapel, Stronghold and Speeder together is a clear indicator to me that I'll be getting every colorway offered, as they look fantastic in convoy formation.

Folks, I can't recommend this piece enough. Head over to the B2.Five Shop and grab your K6 Jungle Chapel here: B2.Five Acid Rain World Wave 3A K6 Jungle Chapel HETT600k

Stay tuned throughout the rest of this week, as I'll be bringing reviews of the new B2.Five Acid Rain World Bucks Team Soldiers and a special Acid Rain World Surprise!