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Thread: Marauder Task Force Novel from Bill Nedrow

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    Marauder Task Force Novel from Bill Nedrow

    Coming soon from author Bill Nedrow is a novel based on the Marauder Task Force action figures.

    Bill posted an update which can be read below:

    In case you hadn't heard the news:

    Official Release: During the JoeCon 2018 Kindle Worlds Author Panel, it was announced that Bill Nedrow will be responsible for writing a Marauder Task Force novel. The announcement came at the end of an awards presentation in which one lucky panel attendee was awarded a collection of prizes that included the prototype of the forthcoming Marauder Task Force exo-suit.

    The novel's first draft has been completed and is being reviewed. It will still need to undergo revisions and editing, but it will hopefully be available by the year's end. The current plan calls for a paperback run to follow an extremely limited number of hardcover editions being made available to the public.

    The attached promotional image was a mock-up/proof of concept idea and does not represent the final cover. However, it was used in the PowerPoint to announce the forthcoming project.

    Look for more details as they unfold in the following weeks and months.

    Have you read Bill's work before? Are you going to pick this up to delve deeper into the world of Marauder Task Force?

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    I have not entirely read any of the kindle books. Just don't have much time for reading really. BUT....this I will pick up. I have a lot of Marauders so this is exciting to me.

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