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Thread: Marauder Task Force JoeCon Exclusives!

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    Marauder Task Force JoeCon Exclusives!

    The amazing folks at Marauder "Gun Runners" have revealed their exclusives for the final G.I. Joe Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee next week.

    From Marauder:

    Hey Folks!
    Here are the Marauder "Gun-Runners" Joecon Exclusives. All new, never before released MTF versions:
    Silver Kronos-Ops Male Trooper
    Silver Kronos-Ops Valkyries
    Light Green Camo Ambush-Ops Male Trooper
    Light Green Camo Ambush-Ops Valkyries
    Dark Tan & Black Sierra-Ops Valkyries

    The Kronos-Ops & Ambush Ops figures are an over $60 value and will have a Con special price of only $30 each . The Sierra-Ops is an over $25 value with the con special price of $15 each. Any remaining inventory will be made available on the Marauder "Gun-Runners" website after the Joecon in late July. Getting these made in time for the con was tricky....but we hope you like them!
    You can check out all the images in our slideshow on the front page.

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    What a great value for the price. I need to see if I can have someone snag these for me, they're pretty friggin' cool and Instant Super Trooper out of that Chronos Ops!

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    Yeah, I've got someone who offered to snag me what I want. Gonna shoot them some money to get me two of each because I'm greedy lol

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