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Thread: Chris Porostosky Custom Card Backs and More!

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    Chris Porostosky Custom Card Backs and More!

    Chris Porostosky has shared with us some of his amazing custom card backs. This lot of custom card backs features members of the fearsome Dreadnoks!

    You can check out all of his work on his Instagram Page

    Chris also has some awesome comic animations on his YouTube Channel featuring a couple of videos containing some cool animations that include G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel and DC.

    You can check out both DARTH COBRA : Galactus Fall Vader Rise BOOK ONE and DARTH COBRA : Heroes Fall Deathstar Rise BOOK TWO

    You can check out a gallery of his custom card backs on our front page.

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    Wow, these are awesome! I really like that he blended in the idea of "X-treme Sports" into Zandar (skateboarding) and Zarana (moto-x). Although, I'm not fond of the pot-belly on Road Pig.


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