Heard about this Forum from Itchweed. Appreciate being invited. Just a short BIO of my "custom career" LOL! I got started in customizing Star Wars action figures around 1996 after seeing Ken Pruitt's vintage customs in Tomart's. For years, I customized SW figures, made dioramas, and even posted a photonovel "Vader's Quest" on several SW fan pages (Yakface, Rebelscum, etc.). Even created a SW customs/fan website BITD http://cantinacustoms.tripod.com/index.htm.

Once the vintage collection ended, and the debacle of the Black Series started, I jumped ship to my other childhood favorite -- G.I. Joe. It was probably the reveal of a ME Kwinn figure that really sold me! My G.I. Joe interest is mostly in characters from 1982 to 1987, with other random characters throughout the years. I'll be posting all of my customs in one thread. And I also post my customs on my blog https://gijoerevisited2.blogspot.com/

First up is the man for whom the team is named! "There's a reason they call us 'Joes.'" I like the idea of having "G.I. Joe" Colton as an acting administrator of the team like in the defunked "Death of G.I. Joe" comic series.

I like to make my "Joeverse" sort of like the X-Men and R.O.C. movie timelines "Sometime in the not so distant future." So, I also create custom file cards with updated MOSs and more time-generic bios. My "Joeverse" is influenced by the original file cards, early Marvel comics, some DDP comics, and the original cartoon series. So, you might see an homage to some of these in the file cards. I'm hoping one day to start a comic book-style G.I. Joe photonovel/dio-story. I've already made a template for the pages. If you've ever seen my SW "Vader's Quest" photonovel, it was done in sort of a comic book style.

I gave General Colton a more modern Army dress (blue) uniform and a proper Green Beret. I used the Retaliation Firefly head sculpt because it looks older and battle worn. The vest is a custom resin cast from Vortious Customs. Although you can't really make it out in the pictures, there is a gold stripe down each pants leg.

Comments and Critiques are appreciated and encouraged. Thanks.