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Thread: Tank For The Memories Vol. 2 Pre Order Drops Soon

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    1,498 Tank For The Memories Vol. 2 Pre Order Drops Soon

    Geewunner has sent out word that Pre-Orders for his next custom Lego G.I.Joe Collection, Tanks for the Memories, vol. 2, is set to drop soon! You can order all offerings together, or individually. Up for grabs are:


    • Classic Hero Scout Vehicle
    • Drill Sergeant Tank
    • Advanced Heavy Battle Tank

    As with previous offerings, these are sure to sell out quickly, so make sure to keep it locked to the Geewunner Storefront to add these amazing custom Lego offerings to your collection!

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    While I didn't jump on the Kre-O bandwagon, Geewunner really does his part to feel important this line after the official releases ended years ago.

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