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Thread: Letal Customs Grenadiers Wave 2 Pre Order Announced

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    Letal Customs Grenadiers Wave 2 Pre Order Announced

    If you dig boutique style offerings, then you'll love the following intel from the Letal Customs Camp - Voting has come to a close and the next 4 Letal Grenadiers selected to be released have been chosen! These figures are now available for Pre-Order. If you'd like to do so, please reach out to @stephen_celentano on Instagram to get your order in. Here's the scoop:

    • Set of 4: 1 of each color, $42.00 plus $4 shipping
    • Set of 5 of a single color (Non Python P): $50.00 plus $4 shipping
    • Set of 5 Python P Grenadiers : $60.00 plus $4 shipping

    Shipping will be combined for multiple sets. These prices reflect Pre-Order Pricing. Once these are in hand, pricing will be $12.00 (basic colors) and $15.00 (Python P) plus shipping.

    Single color sets of 5 are LIMITED to 50 sets PER COLOR for the pre-order. Multi color sets of 4 (1 of each color) are LIMITED to 150 sets for the pre-order. Pre-orders will run through June 30th. If pre-orders go well, they may end it early, so don't wait! Payments are accepted through PayPal only. F&F is preferred, please. Make payments to, and be sure to put your ADDRESS and FULL NAME in the NOTES section. This is very important!

    We will be storing this information in a spreadsheet to make shipping the figures as fast as possible once they arrive. We want to log this info in once and not have to go back into PayPal to retrieve these details. The ideal timeframe for the figures to arrive is the end of August / middle of September, however China does as China wants, and we have no control over this.

    Colors may slightly vary from the mock-ups. We (Letal Customs) are not professional graphic designers (anyone out there interested in some free figures?), so sometimes it is a little difficult to get the exact colors we wanted. The mock-ups give us a look at how the potential color combos look together on the figure. As long as preorder goes well we will share the next new figure we will be doing.

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    I'm planning the original colored versions, for the others, I should see a paint master or a test shot to know which to get.

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