For this edition of #FlashbackFriday, we’re taking a look back at Torpedo, courtesy of Forgotten Figures!

In 1998, the G.I.Joe Naval Assault Unit 3 pack was released as part of "The Real American Hero Collection" and included Torpedo, Wet-Suit and Shipwreck. The oddity here is that Torpedo is Wet-Suit..but Wet-Suit is Wet-Suit? Let's defer to the expert on this:

To this point, though, this profile is about Wet Suit. But, the character profile is Torpedo. The reason for that is one of the great introductions of the 1998 line was molds being renamed. Thunderwing is the most obvious example. But, this figure mold originally used for Wet Suit became Torpedo. In 1997, the original Torpedo was released with a repainted Cobra Night Landing. For the 1998 Navy Seal set, Hasbro wanted the big three divers in the vintage line. Shipwreck was released as a repaint of his under-rated 1994 mold. Wet Suit, deservedly, was released with his original mold. This left Torpedo. As 1997's were still on the shelf when this wave was rolling out, using the same mold as the prior year made little sense. So, Hasbro commandeered the 1992 Wet Suit and renamed him Torpedo for this set.

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