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Thread: Acid Rain World at Pocket In Action Club Exhibition

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    Acid Rain World at Pocket In Action Club Exhibition

    The PIA Club held a joint exhibition this past Saturday at the "Big Cola creative space" in Taipei. The Exhibition's aim is to showcase new items set for release, with several familiar names being represented - Boss Fight Studio, Devil Toys, Dream Concept Studio, Mayhem Mekanics and of course, offerings from the Acid Rain World to name a few.

    This article will focus on the ARW offerings displayed at the exhibition, so make sure to check out this wonderful write up by our friends at Toy-People to check out what else was featured at the Event.

    The Acid Rain World was represented on 2 fronts by 3 different companies:

    • Beaver - Beaver was on hand displaying their amazing 2.Five (2.5") offerings, including the upcoming Omanga HADES and their Armored Calvary pieces.
    • Ori Toy - Fans of 1/18th scale Acid Rain Offerings were treated to a series of Laurels and Raptors, alongside new figure offerings that should be out soon.
    • Toy Alliance - New on the Acid Rain World scene is Toy Alliance, showcasing their new Flakbike, alongside other upcoming offerings.

    We've mirrored a gallery of 30 images for you to feast your eyes on courtesy of Toy-People, so make sure to check'em out on the Front Page. Will you be adding any of these upcoming Acid Rain World offerings to your collection?

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    God.. sooo many releases in the 2.5 inch series. Maybe this will be their main line? They are really pushing forward with big vehicles that are more affordable in that size.

    Thank you for the report. Also.. Flakbike!!!

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    Yeah, now I'm kind of kicking myself for not jumping on the 2.5 inch line

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