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Thread: Tom Waltz Builds Hype for IDW Publishings G.I.Joe Special Missions Arc

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    Tom Waltz Builds Hype for IDW Publishings G.I.Joe Special Missions Arc

    If you're not following Mr. Tom Waltz on Twitter, then you don't know what you're missing, as this Gentleman knows how to build HYPE! Just yesterday he shared 3 amazing pieces, all pertaining to the upcoming Special Missions story arch starting with IDW Publishing's G.I.Joe A Real American Hero #251.

    While we're on the topic of #251, I'd like to issue a retraction and off an apology - This past Tuesday I noted that Issue #251 should be on stands on the 25th (yesterday). Please note that this information was not correct; Issue #251 will be available next week, May 2nd. Apologies for any confusion and/or inconvenience I may have caused.

    Now, back to Special Missions! Tom shared 2 pages from upcoming issues, along with an announcement regarding the cover of issue #255, the special oversized conclusion of the Special Missions arc. Here's the scoop:

    • In issue #251, Special Missions #1, prepare to give and take fire with Stalker! As noted above, this issue will be on stands May 2nd.
    • In Issue #252, Special Missions Part 2, the Baroness means business (and then some!)
    • Issue #255 will have a special Retailer Incentive Cover, a Tri-Fold (gatefold) cover featuring a Plethora of Cobra Baddies!

    As if the Special Missions news wasn't enough to get you going, Tom also shared some ARAH Goodness in the form of a Top Secret G.I.Joe project coming in September! Keep an eye out for the announcement from IDW Publishing and of course right here on the ISland.

    That 255 Tri-Fold <3 We can't wait to add the Special Missions story arc to our collection, but this upcoming September project has us all sorts of excited. What about you?

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