For this edition of #FlashbackFriday, we're taking a look at the G.I.Joe a Real American Hero Season One promo poster, created by Mr. Will Meugniot. Mr. Meugniot is an American writer, storyboard and comics artist, film producer and director. He is known for his work on animated shows in the 1990s and 2000s. He's worked on so many favorites, from Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars to Exo Squad, Batman to X-Men..and of course G.I.Joe.

Yesterday, Mr. Meugniot shared this brilliant pencil comp alongside the finished G.I.Joe a Real American Hero Season one Promo poster. He notes that the finished art turned up in a lot of places, including Entertainment Weekly. He'd been asked to design the promo as a painted piece like the original Transformers poster, hence all the shading that you see. At the last minute, Sunbow decided that they'd rather do the piece as an "inked drawing" instead. Neither he nor Mr. Russ Heath had the time do complete the inking task, so the team in Ink & Paint had to sort it out - and did a remarkably good Job.

Thanks to sites like 3DJoes, pieces like this are being preserved for future generations of fans to enjoy. Many thanks to Mr. Meugniot for sharing this piece of G.I.Joe history!