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Thread: Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Stalker By OreoBuilder Customs

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    Custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Stalker By OreoBuilder Customs

    Check out this amazing custom Modern Era rendition of the G.I.Joe Ranger, Stalker by Oreobuilder Customs! Here's the scoop from OB:

    I never had Stalker when I was a kid. None of my friends had the figure either, and he did not figure prominently in any of the few early Marvel issues that I had (5, 11, 12 and 24) so my only early knowledge of the character was through the Sunbow series and the catalogs. As such, when I was collecting and playing with Joes in the early years, Stalker did not really register on my radar. Later, when I was a bit older and just getting out of Joes, I received a copy of Special Missions 17 for Halloween. In the issue, Stalker leads a small team of Joes on a raid of a corporate building. It was only when I started collecting as an adult and I read the whole Marvel run that I developed an appreciation for the character.

    For my custom, I stuck close to my established recipe for the other OG13. The Marauder MTF head oozes Stalker in my opinion. The colors match the vintage version as closely as possible as well.

    • Head, hands, beret: Marauder MTF
    • Torso: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
    • Arms, legs: DG Duke
    • Web gear: 25th Snake Eyes
    • Weapon: Vintage Stalker
    • Collar: POC Steel Brigade

    You can check out the full gallery on the Front Page. What's your take on OB's vision of Stalker? Pretty flawless if you ask me!

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    Best Stalker ever. OB just...he just...ok no words. He is too cool for awesome.

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    Very spot-on rendition to the character.

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