Hake's Americana & Collectibles
, a name that has set the standard for high end collectible auctions, is currently featuring a wide range of G.I.Joe related collectibles from the collection of Mr. Kevin Watts. Kevin, known as KrymsynGardImmoral around the internet, has begun thinning his prized assortment of G.I.Joe merchandise. Items from his collection can easily be considered as "grail items", as these hard to find and highly sought after pieces rarely make it to the marketplace. Included in the collection are:

We've mirrored a gallery of 60 images from the auctions that you can check out on the Front Page: Hakes Americana and Collectibles G.I.Joe Auctions Featuring Collection of Kevin Watts

This is a rare opportunity to add 2Ups, Prototypes, artwork and more to your collection, so make sure to check out the assortment linked above. Will you be getting in on any of the auctions?