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Thread: Presents Vintage Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog Images

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    1,498 Presents Vintage Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog Images

    Our good friend Carson from has begun sharing albums containing image scans of Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogs!

    Every year toy companies come together to show off their upcoming toys to toy retailers. They create catalogs for these retailers and oftentimes the toys shown in these catalogs are pre-production models. Collected for your viewing pleasure so far:

    Make sure to have a look at Hasbro's Toy Fair catalog (linked above) and leave your insights in the comments. These catalog images and your commentary will be added to! Carson will be rolling out a new Catalog every Friday, showcasing G.I.Joe products all the way through 1994! Make sure to keep it locked on the 3DJoes Facebook Page

    What differences did you notice? What were some of your favorite images collected so far?

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    So awesome. Thanks for sharing these. Brings back a lot of memories.

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