The R711 Laurel LA3R is one of the latest additions to Agurts Military, namely the R711 Riot Team. This beautiful mechanized suit mirrors its 1:18th scale counterpart in both look and play features. The difference from its predecessor is its ability to interconnect pieces from other B2.Five Acid Rain offerings (sold separately) thanks to its modular design.

The Laurel set comes complete with:

  • Main Cab/Body
  • Legs
  • 2 Arms with articulated hands
  • Cannon with Ammo Belt and Ammo case (can be mounted elsewhere thanks to the included mount)
  • Pilot with Weapon (Pistol)
  • 2 Ports (to connect modular pieces to/from other Acid Rain offerings)

It's paint applications are stellar and with it being part of the R711 Riot Team, it has a very "Cobra Alley Viper" feel to it. The Pilot is wearing the signature R711 logo, which pops in white against a royal blue backdrop.

As with all B2.Five offerings, the Laurel has interchangeable ports that allow it to connect with other B2.five Acid Rain World offerings (each sold separately). This is one Laurel you won't want to miss out on, so make sure to head over and pre-order here: B2FIVE WAVE 2B – R711 Laurel LA3R set

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