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Thread: Letal Customs Desert Grenadiers Pictorial Review

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    Letal Customs Desert Grenadiers Pictorial Review

    In the absence of 3 3/4 product on the market, we here at Cobra Island are thankful that there are those out there that are keeping the hobby alive for many collectors. In the past we've showcased some amazing offerings from our good friend, the elusive Black Major. Today we're proud to introduce you to Letal Customs, a new player offering figures that we all know and love in fun, vibrant new color schemes!

    Letal has hit the ground running, as his first round of offerings is based on a fan favorite, the Iron Grenadier! The first wave brings us (4) different renditions of this classic troop builder:

    • Arctic Grenadier
    • Crimson Grenadier
    • Desert Grenadier
    • Jungle/Night Grenadier

    Earlier this week, Destro gave Cobra Commander a closer look at the Arctic Grenadiers & Crimson Grenadiers, elite troopers from the ranks of the Iron Grenadiers that are called upon to supplement the Cobra front lines. Tonight, the Commander is introduced to the Desert Grenadier, the Elite Desert Assault Trooper!

    We’ve collected a gallery of over 30 images for your viewing pleasure, so make sure to check out our full gallery here:

    Letal Customs Desert Grenadiers Pictorial Review - Cobra Island

    Want to add these to your collection? It’s easy! Reach out to @gijoeislife, @stephen_celentano, @davedatil, and @yo_icollect on Instagram for further details!

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    As with the last set of releases we've looked at, the Arctic and Crimson Grenadiers, the Desert Grenadier is a beautiful addition to the assortment. It's base color of a rich tan is complemented by a rich brown and vibrant, (almost) mustard yellow.

    The Grenadiers in the series come with all of the original accessories of the v1 Grenadier and includes two "new ones":

    • Uzi (vintage)
    • Laser Pistol (vintage)
    • Sword (vintage)
    • Iron Grenadier Destro's Sword ("new")
    • Uzi - Proper Size ("new")

    The addition of new gear really gives the Grenadier a wide assortment of options and also ensures that you can have up to (5) figures with at least (1) different weapon in its hand. The paint applications are solid with minimal mess and the build itself is amazingly solid and feels like a retail release. Something that I've neglected to note in our past two reviews is that the accessories are colored to match the figure, which is a really nice touch.

    The Grenadier mold has looked great in every color scheme its been cast in so far and the Desert Grenadier is no exception. He looks great alongside his Cobra Counterpart, or as branch of the Iron Grenadiers.

    If you have the extra change in your pocket, I couldn't recommend this assortment enough. I say assortment as there's no way I could recommend any one figure alone. Example: I thought the Desert Grenadier would be my least favorite, but his colors work so well together, he's quickly changed my mind (and he looks killer with a Razorback).

    We hope you've enjoyed our review of the Desert Grenadier by Letal Customs as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you! Stay tuned as tomorrow we'll be taking a closer look at the 4th and final figure in the assortment, the Jungle/Night Grenadier!

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    These Letal Customs IG figures are great! The plastic is very high quality and feels like vintage Hasbro. Joints were tight. I won a set at NJCC and was excited to get them in hand. Love them. Can’t recommend them enough. Hit up Stephen and Dave at Letal Customs and get some. Yo Joe!

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    I couldn't agree more man. In hand, they feel "brand new". I'm sure it has to do with the fact that this is the first time the Grenadier mold has been used, so it's nice and fresh. I absolutely love these figures and hope that we get more color variations somewhere down the line.

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