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Thread: Maryland GI Joe Meetup on February 10th in Columbia, MD

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    Maryland GI Joe Meetup on February 10th in Columbia, MD

    Joelumbia!!! The MD Joe Club would like to invite any CobraIslanders, Joefans or toy fans to a meetup on Saturday, February 10th at 5:30pm in Columbia MD. The location will be the Second Chance Saloon (address below). We have been doing this about every 4 months since October 2015. I hope we can get some more Joe fans together to talk some Joe (and other toys), eat some grub and maybe a drink. The Maryland Collectors Club will be there. There's always a little buying, selling and trading going on as well.

    We hope to have free drawing at 7:30pm. There will be free stuff for the kids in attendance.

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    Second Chance Saloon
    5888 Robert Oliver Place
    Suite A
    Columbia, MD 21045

    Below is a picture from our October 15th, 2017 Meetup.

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    Oh man, that sounds awesome! I hope you guys have a great time. Take a bunch of pics man!

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    Will do CIAD. We always have a good time and do a lot of trading. The restaurant really lets us take over. Everybody comes in with a Rubbermade tote full of toys. Good times.

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    In less than two weeks... I hope to meet some new Joe friends and see some old ones. Yo Joe!

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    Hope to meet some new friends on Saturday. Yo Joe!

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    Thanks to everyone who showed up last night in the rainy weather. 14 Joe fans getting together for some fun. A good time was had by me and hopefully all. Had a lot of toys for sale. Some good food and drink. And some Joe and toy fun and talk. We had a free drawing for an Arch2B custom desert VAMP and a signed Hascon signature card. Congrats to little Trey and Fogger for winning. I look forward to doing this again. Probably in May.

    To anyone who reads this and says “I wish we had something like this in my area.” Make it happen. Make your own scene. The first time I went I was me and one other person. Since then it’s grown and we’ve had as many as 21. Get on the boards and look for people who want to meet up and make it happen. Yo Joe!

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    Here are some more pics from last night. Yo Joe!

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    Again I had a lot of fun last night. My son bought a Joe RAM motorcycle, Resolute Cobra Commander MOC and Star Wars Black series black Stormtrooper. I also bought for my 11 year old son who couldn’t make it, a custom Low-Light made from a Maurader John body (Thanks Will, he really liked it). I sold some STar Wars figures and vintage Countdown and Mercer v2 (both MOC)

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