The latest Eagle Force Pulp Novella from The Drawn Word is now live on Kickstarter! Lee Fine, aka The Cat, must deal with both the R.I.O.T. Direktor and Baron Von Chill, as the world grows more dire...

In Lee Fine's latest adventure, Face the Night, he comes face to face with a monstrous legend--

Then, the figure fully emerges from the shadows, and the assassin screams in terror.

All Vito can make out is orange hair as the hitman’s scream of shock turns into several ones of pain, punctuated by the sound of breaking bones.

Triumphant, the orange-haired figure stands over what’s left of the assassin, gloved fists clenched by its side. Suddenly, it has turned to face Vito. Green skin, white eyes encircled with dark circles, and a rictus-like grin with dripping fangs coming out from under the top lip. “Be cool, Vito,” this...face says. “And get out of town.”

It's 1980 and Lee Fine has finally become comfortable with the life of a secret operator. Fine's world does, however, continue to change, as Baron Von Chill rises to prominence in diplomatic circles and the mysterious Direktor continues his nefarious plans.

Amidst all of it, The Cat encounters a crimefighter from the past, who has a link to a covert military group in World War II. Face the Night brings the world closer to where it needs an Eagle Force. Read it here first.

You can get your pledge in on the 3rd Eagle Force Pulp offering here: Eagle Force Pulp: The Cat in Face the Night Now Live on Kickstarter