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Thread: Mark Bellomo Announces 3rd Edition Of The Ultimate Guide To G.I.Joe

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    Mark Bellomo Announces 3rd Edition Of The Ultimate Guide To G.I.Joe

    It's been an exciting day for our bookshelves! Early today via Facebook, Mr. Mark Bellomo shared word that his fan favorite book, The Ultimate Guide to G.I.Joe by Krause Publications has had a 3rd edition approved!

    The 3rd edition touts a 32 page count increase over the 2nd edition, now covering all the awesome items discovered since, as well as restoring the index. This guide to the guts-and-glory of G.I. Joe identifies every figure with all its weapons and gear, every vehicle with all the easy-to-lose pieces and every accessory related to Hasbro's stellar team of soldiers. Use The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe to expand your knowledge about Joe and the team, or Cobra and his cronies, and to identify and assess the value of any of the series 350 action figures and 240 vehicles and accessories.

    Best part? It'll be printed in hardcover. I'll let Mark's words describe it, as I couldn't possibly put it any better:

    This one's gonna be a THUNKER. (I like to believe that the onomatopoeic sound a heavy book makes when it's dropped onto a coffee table = 'thunk').

    Will you be adding the 3rd edition of Mark Bellomo's The Ultimate Guide to G.I.Joe to your collection?

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    Great! I have volume 1 but drug my feet and missed out on volume2. Funny my 11 year old nephew has volume 2 and I ask to borrow it from him from time to time.

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    Pre-ordered! Never had this gem, but as this is a retouched version and with the recent Action Force, Rank & File, 3DJoes and 3.75 inch Joes books, this is going to be a must have one for me.

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    Preordered 2 copies!

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