In related G.I.Joe Collectors Club news, not only does the cover feature the club incentive figure, Rock 'n Roll, but it also contains details on the highly anticipated Dreadnok Mechanic, Heartwrencher and her Dreadnok Stinger 4x4! From the Club -

Some of you have asked “Where is Heartwrencher?” She is scheduled to arrive here before the end of March. With Christmas coming, as well as FSS 6 and FSS 7 expenses (then the convention registration in January), we decided to push that product out a little to give you a breather. Watch for the January issue for the first look at this highly anticipated figure and vehicle pairing, with the pre-order starting in late January.

Get those wallets ready, folks, as late January 2018 is when we'll get to call dibs on our own! Are you excited to add Heartwrencher to your Dreadnok collection?