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Thread: Official GIJoeCon 2018 Discussion Thread

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    Not impressed with that Lamprey at all... The golden knees are very jarring. The visor looks really weird too, I know it's trying to mimic the original, but that color doesn't blend well in clear plastic. Then again, I was never a big fan of the ME Lamprey so that's probably affecting my opinion too.

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    My main gripe is that these figures originally came out in 2003. When most collectors or fans were not really bothered collecting Joes like myself, so basically many people do not have any emotional connection to these modern PP characters.

    And while the swim fins looked cool from the front, the back is meh...

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    Couldn't agree with you Gents more. Hoping that he looks much better in hand, as if not, he and his brothers are going right to eBay.

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    Mutt & Junkyard have been revealed!

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    Thanks for the pics!

    Well, not surprised, but even if the colors are really nice, I just can't think of anything other than those ugly thighs.

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    I hope to see all of you at the final Collector's Club G.I. Joe Convention in June!

    What a great weekend this will be!

    After registration being available for only ONE week, the response has surpassed even our strongest past shows:

    The American Hero's Golden Ticket packages are sold out. The Thursday Custom Class is sold out. There are 12 seats in the Wednesday Class available. The Homefront Hero's packages are sold out. The American Hero packages are 90% sold through (not many left). The General's Golden Ticket packages are sold out. The General's packages are 60% sold through. The Base Commander's packages are 45% sold through. The Marauders' loose sets are sold out.

    If we have sets available when we get closer to the convention, we will move them to the non-attending cue. Currently, we must keep them in the attending cue for members that are coming to the convention.

    We have added more rooms at the Staybridge Hotel, please use the information at If you have a problem with getting a room, please let know as we think they can still add some more rooms to the block.

    If you collect GI Joe, you owe it to yourself and your collecting friends to be at this show!


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    Here's a side-by-side with the vintage offering (Crazy to say vintage about something from 2003). Vintage image courtesy of Joe-a-day.

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    Still not sure about using silver and gold at the same time.

    Basically a repaint, but it's not that bad most people say.

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