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Thread: Cobra Island Invades NYCC 2017!

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    Cobra Island Invades NYCC 2017!

    New York Comic Con 2017
    was held this weekend and the forces of Cobra Island were in full force at the event! For those of you that may be unfamiliar with NYCC, New York Comic Con is the East Coast's largest pop culture convention and the only one that takes place in the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world — Gotham City.

    Our Tele-Vipers in the field gathered intel on a large assortment of findings – From awesome collectibles like Dragon Ball Z and Star Wars from Tamashii Nations, to incredible comic books all over Artist Alley. Our Data-Vipers sent back files containing images of Mystery Science Theatre schwag, incredible cosplay..even AWESOME-O was there! We of course couldn’t leave without getting a sketch from the Godfather of G.I.Joe, Mr. Larry Hama!

    We've collected a gallery of images from the event that you can feast your eyes on below. Want even more coverage from NYCC2017? Well then make sure to follow Cobra Island on Twitter, Cobra Island on Instagram, Cobra Island on G+ and of course, Cobra Island on Facebook!

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    It was a ton of fun!

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    What’s funny is I bought a zartan mib, thunder machine mib, and a stun mib from that very display case pictured. The guy who rang me up looked so familiar and then I realized it’s the Toy Hunter guy from tv. I asked him if he had anymore GiJoe at his store and he said he stopped buying it because people weren’t buying it from him anymore.

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